Water Pump Installation

When it comes to the installation of your water pump, you really want to consider things like protecting the power supply. The quality of installation as well as working with someone that can answer all of your questions is important. By keeping things transparent, we’ll discuss everything from how an installation can impact water flow, as well as preventing contaminants from entering the system.

How many water pump installation videos have you watched on YouTube? Take it from us, the last thing you want to do is make an installation error that slowly becomes a costly situation. With so many years in the business, we understand that any new or existing water pump system must be treated with the most care and attention to detail. Leave it to us to get the job done, the right way.

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Pump Size

pump installation

Finding the right pump size for your system takes experience.

By offering a wide variety of options, we’ll help get everything squared away. Let us handle the complicated calculations between flow rate and horsepower to determine the optimal size water pump to keep your household or business in action.

Regular Care for your well and pump

As you might already know, a water well and pump is not something you can just install and never touch again.

It needs to be regularly cared for with the proper maintenance schedule to ensure the longest lifespan available. But don’t worry, routine care won’t break you at the bank. Talk to our technicians about how we can help tailor a solution that’s right for you.

Clean and Safe Water

No one wants chemicals or pollutants entering into their water well or pump systems.

By constantly performing routine maintenance and water inspection tests, we will guarantee that your friends, family neighbors, or employees are drinking nothing but the cleanest and safest water available. Let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you today.

Avoiding Contamination & Resolving Damage

How can you be sure that your water well is avoiding contamination?

Even more frightening is the possibility that you’ve already experienced damage or contamination. This can quickly become a health and safety issue if you are unaware of it. That’s why you need a qualified technician to help you avoid contamination and correct any damage that has already occurred. Reach out to our technicians today.

Extending your pump’s lifespan

Like all mechanical objects, water pumps need to be serviced.

Extending the lifespan of your pump takes proper maintenance and routine inspections. That doesn’t necessarily mean expensive or time-intensive. By engaging in routine repairs, you can gradually preserve the integrity of your water pump so it essentially lives twice as long as it was originally designed to live.

Full Service & Installation

Taking things from A to Z means that we are a one-stop-shop. Our team will help install, service, repair, and ensure everything is working as it should.

Installation quality

Paying attention to the details means a high-caliber installation that won’t let you down. With a quality pump installation, you can count on extending your pump’s lifespan to the maximum. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured servicemen and women doing their best means much more than reliability, but also performance.

Pressure Tank size

Our experienced team of technicians and servicemen will let you know what pressure tank size you need. If you already have your own pressure tank, we will install it to perfection. Let’s get started on searching how we can best help address all your pressure tank size needs, right now.

Power Supply Protection

Your power supply needs protecting. Any breakdowns or accidents can cause major disruption in your power supply. Even worse, a lack of protection could cause the total breakdown of your power supply. Let’s get started on securing that your setup is safe, at all times.


How can we help? Don’t hesitate to ask us anything you desire. No question is a bad question, and every question is a good question. So pick up the phone, or email us and let’s have a conversation. Our team is waiting to hear from you. Let’s chat.

Helping WNC With Pump Service

Western North Carolina has a unique climate situated in a very unique environment. That’s why we take extra care and always pay attention to the details with all types of pump service or repair. When your pump is on the fritz, you can count on our team to get the job done.

Adequate flow

Ensuring adequate flow comes from maintaining up-to-date service records, quality repairs, and technicians that know what they’re doing. We want to do our best to ensure nothing stands in the way of clogging up your flow of precious water. When your water well is in perfect condition, everything should flow like a finely tuned unit.

Clean Water for Western NC

Few things are more important than clean water. Some would say that clean water is the most important thing for humanity. One thing is for sure, our western North Carolina clients know that we provide nothing short of crystal clear, pure water for them and their families to use.

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What People Are Saying

denise wilbanks
denise wilbanks
I had a leak in my water line from our well tank. The guys talked me through fixing the leak over the phone and saved me an emergency visit and money. Companies usually do not do this. Upstanding company quick response, polite, and I will refer them to anyone who needs well service.
Derrick deserves 10 stars! Our well pump stopped working for the third time in two years! Another company had replaced it twice and would not even respond to our call for help! I contacted Derrick at 9 pm on a Friday as there were guests at the house with no water. He was several hours away with his family on vacation. He left his family and arrived at the house by midnight and had a new pump installed and water restored by 2:30am! AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! AMAZING BUSINESSMAN! Highly recommend! Thank you!
Lena Conroy
Lena Conroy
I'd like to share the story here about how Coomer's saved us from the daunting task and expense of having to drill a new well. A few months ago another company had installed a new pump for us after it burned up due to low water levels in the well from the filling of a backyard pond. They also installed a pump saver, to ensure that if the water level got low again the pump would not be harmed. After that job was complete, we had just enough water for a few toilet flushes before the pump saver would kick on and shut the water off. We spent two months thinking our well was critically low on water...showering and doing laundry at various friend's houses while we tried to figure what to do next. Meanwhile, the company who put in the pump had few answers for us aside from the conclusion that our well must be drying up and therefore would need to redrill it or dig a new one. After a frustrating few weeks of back and forth regarding the next steps, I decided to call another company for a second opinion. Calling Coomer's Well that day was definitely one of the best decisions that I have made recently! After listening to our predicament, Derek thoughtfully and thoroughly explained all the possible scenarios he could forsee, along with the necessary steps that could be taken to fix the water issues. For the first time as a well owner, I understood how the water system for the house works, what effects the water tables, and what options I had moving forward. He was genuinely patient and kind, which I deeply value in a business these days. I got off the phone feeling hopeful and then departed for an international trip, putting Derek in touch with my partner to handle the next steps. The day Croomer's came out to evaluate the well, my partner called me while happily sitting in a tub full of water, informing me that our issue had been resolved. Apparently the pump saver needed some simple adjustment and was shutting off automatically even though the well had water the whole time! The other company had already assured us that they looked at all the potential issues. If it weren't for Derek and Gary's knowledge of the system, we very likely would have initiated the process of drilling a new well. We are beyond grateful for the whole of the experience with this company and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a dependable expert in the field.
Called these guys after 3pm,. I live 45min. from them. I was hoping to get my pump working. It just started snowing. Those guys were at my house in about an hour, worked into the cold night. Explained everything, totally up-front and transparent. In 2hrs., everything repaired. Very reasonable. I felt like they did a really good job. Water's strong. Real good guys. Recommended without reservation.
Dave Morrison
Dave Morrison
We feel we were extremely fortunate when we contacted Coomer's. Our water was getting lower and lower and we all figured out it wasn't the hot water heater after all, but something wrong with our well. But even during these times when parts, even wire, are not easily obtained, these guys worked in freezing weather even into the night to get our water back on and better than before! They explained everything they were doing and why, and made sure we were ok with what they suggested. It really warms my heart when I run into a company with folks like this. We could tell they really wanted us to have water back and running as soon as possible. For what they did, their price was very fair and we of course appreciate that too. I'm the kind of guy who let's my friends and neighbors know when I've found a great company. I know they are booked up like most folks are right now, but it never hurts for people to have a solid, honest source to call when their well goes out. Other than being a very satisfied customer, I have no other connection to Coomer's Well and Pump. Just wanted to spread the word and give them yet another 5 star rating. Notice their perfect score out of 42 reviews? That's hard to achieve!
Joy Black
Joy Black
We used Coomers a few days ago. My ninety five year old mother had been without water for ten days. We had flooding in the basement due to the pump leaking as well as other issues. I went through Home Advisor and Derrick was the first to call. He took care of the issue right away. He wasn't satisfied with the first pump he put in. So he changed it out. Going out of his way to get the new pump. It works wonderfully. Mom is so pleased as am I. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this sort of work done. Even my husband commented on what a neat job he done. That's a first! I want to thank Derrick for doing a fantastic job for us. You are truly amazing, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Don't find many people like this . Give them a try. You'll love them to!!
Paul Freund
Paul Freund
Derek came out on a Sunday morning to replace my well pump. He is extremely knowledgeable and was very patient explaining what needed to be done and also explained my system to me and gave me tips on maintaining my system. His has an outstanding crew, top notch equipment and fair prices. They completed the job without issue and I am 100% satisfied. I highly recommend Coomer's.
Tc W
Tc W
Man, I was in a bad spot. Bought a home with a malfunctioning well. I’m a general contractor, but I have little experience with wells. Gary Coomer was the only guy out of 15 calls that cared my family had no water. He worked after hours to fix my system and made my drinking water safe. He corrected numerous issues. He taught me everything about my system. His prices were reasonable and he gave me top notch parts. Gary is a great guy. Use him.

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